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Reliability and Scale | Dr.Max Pharma

Dr.Max brand is fully owned by Penta Investments,

a private equity house operating in the healthcare industry in the CEE region. Penta is leveraging both vertical and horizontal synergies in order to become the healthcare market leader in CEE.

Global player with a local touch

Dr.Max Pharma sources the raw materials and finished products globally. The significant number of our partners is located in Europe and Asia.

History of rapid expansion

Dr.Max Pharma was established in 2011. Since than the company has demonstrated rapid and sustainable growth. While majority of our portfolio is representedby general Private Label products, we entered also highly sophisticated product segments like the Rx (2013) as well as Premium (2015) ones where we compete with globally established brands.

OTC producer in the Czech Republic

Source: IMS data, Czech Republic, units sold, 2015

Number of units sold,
Central Europe [millions]

units sold daily in CEE

Source: Dr.Max Pharma data, Central Europe, units sold, Q1/2016

No. of SKUs development


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